Learn how to make Skittle Vodka using this easy recipe.

What is Skittle Vodka?

Flavored vodkas are a very popular trend and it seems only natural that candy combined with vodka would create a delicious concoction. Skittle infused vodka is a homemade vodka that consists of only vodka and Skittles.

It is a sweet alcoholic treat with a bite and is very easy to make. Skittle vodka is a perfect summer drink and it definitely is a crowd pleaser. So if you're looking for a new way to taste the rainbow, try making skittle vodka.

How to make Skittle Vodka:


  • Vodka (try to avoid the cheaper brands)
  • Skittles (the skittle to vodka ratio is 10 skittles to 1oz (30ml) of vodka)

  • Optional Items:

  • 5 Bottles (for separate flavors of Skittle Vodka)
  • Funnel
  • Tea Towel/Coffee filter/Paper towels
  • Step 1

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